You could run YellowDog Linux on the PowerMac 8500.

You could upgrade the CPU and RAM cheap as well.


>On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 05:16  PM, Chuck "PUP" Payne wrote:
>>Thanks, I am pushing them to go to OS X, but they are PPC 8500, which can
>>only go to Mac OS 8.6, maybe 9. They don't want to buy a new computer, I
>>personal have a G4 and Snowflake iBook and am running 10.1.3 with Apache,
>>PHP, and MySQL. I told the I search and ask, which I have so thanks guys.
>Recommend them a cheap Linux box.  You could probably set yourself 
>up with a web server for less than a hundred bucks, just need a 
>Pentium 1 with a crummy handmedown monitor and an ethernet card. 
>Mandrake is supposed to be incredibly easy to use and graphically 
>configurable, and if these people really want to get going with PHP 
>and web serving then they're probably willing to learn a little 
>Linux... or they could get someone else (yourself?) to administrate 
>the box for them.
>Or even put the 68k linux distro (I forget its name) on their 8500.
>>By the Eric Price, I could see PHP on Atari ST(they have the same chips as
>>the Mac Classic, 68K) and I know in England and Germany are still used by
>>many and are even on the internet, but not an 800. I still to this day write
>>code in Atari Basic on my 800. I miss my Atari ST 1040, but I gave that up
>>for my first mac, Power Book 145B, but I am wandering. ;)
>I must have had about 300 games for my old Atari 800.  Gallahad and 
>the Holy Grail, Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, Jungle Hunt, Pitfall, 
>Haunted House, man... I wish I still had them.  Then again, it might 
>be like those movies that you remember so fondly as a kid but then 
>you see again fifteen years later and you're like "what was I 
>thinking?"  The memory ends up being better than the reality.  My 
>Atari is best left in my attic... :)
>Erik Price
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>Media Lab, H.H. Brown
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