On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 05:16  PM, Chuck "PUP" Payne wrote:

> Thanks, I am pushing them to go to OS X, but they are PPC 8500, which 
> can
> only go to Mac OS 8.6, maybe 9. They don't want to buy a new computer, I
> personal have a G4 and Snowflake iBook and am running 10.1.3 with 
> Apache,
> PHP, and MySQL. I told the I search and ask, which I have so thanks 
> guys.

Recommend them a cheap Linux box.  You could probably set yourself up 
with a web server for less than a hundred bucks, just need a Pentium 1 
with a crummy handmedown monitor and an ethernet card.  Mandrake is 
supposed to be incredibly easy to use and graphically configurable, and 
if these people really want to get going with PHP and web serving then 
they're probably willing to learn a little Linux... or they could get 
someone else (yourself?) to administrate the box for them.

Or even put the 68k linux distro (I forget its name) on their 8500.

> By the Eric Price, I could see PHP on Atari ST(they have the same chips 
> as
> the Mac Classic, 68K) and I know in England and Germany are still used 
> by
> many and are even on the internet, but not an 800. I still to this day 
> write
> code in Atari Basic on my 800. I miss my Atari ST 1040, but I gave that 
> up
> for my first mac, Power Book 145B, but I am wandering. ;)

I must have had about 300 games for my old Atari 800.  Gallahad and the 
Holy Grail, Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, Jungle Hunt, Pitfall, Haunted 
House, man... I wish I still had them.  Then again, it might be like 
those movies that you remember so fondly as a kid but then you see again 
fifteen years later and you're like "what was I thinking?"  The memory 
ends up being better than the reality.  My Atari is best left in my 
attic... :)


Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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