I would worry about the hard drive failing on an old Mac. (This just
happened to me on an old 7300/180 and a bondi iMac at work). The older macs
use scsi hard drves that are hard to find and next to impossible to find
new. At least with a 7300 it has 3 pci slots and you can put an IDE
controller in one of the slots which will let you pick up a cheap IDE drive
as a replacement. That might be tough to do on a 5400.
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> On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 06:01  PM, Chuck "PUP" Payne wrote:
> > The guy paid $6000 for this Mac, and the guy doesn't want to even
> > hear new hardware. So it doesn't matter I am talk to a wall.
> ...
> > I am dealing with just cheap people. So again thanks for all the
> > comments
> > and info.
> Good luck, then.  The fact of the matter is that computers sometimes do
> eventually need to be replaced, and yes this means more money.  Like
> cars.  If they don't want to put Linux on the computer they already
> have, which is like recycling a Ford Festiva into a Land Rover Defender,
> then the $150 offer you made them seems like the best thing they could
> do.
> Erik
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