Server is running PHP 4.1.2, APC 1.1.0pl1, MySQL 3.23.47, Apache 1.3.23 
on a built-from-scratch Linux system with kernel 2.4.17, glibc 2.2.5, 
and gcc 3.0.4.

I'm using a fairly simple script to take input from a form, and add it 
to a database.  The database has the following structure:
ID - mediumint(8), primary key, auto_increment
Added - date
Modified - timestamp(8)
Title - varchar(60)
Text - text

What's happening is whenever I try to add an article that has text with 
a size of over around 9 KB, the browser never finishes loading, and the 
article doesn't appear in the list.  When I hit the stop button on the 
browser, the article will then appear in the article list, but 
incomplete - it is always cut off at the same spot.

This sounds like some kind of buffer issue, but I've looked through all 
of the applicable settings that I could find in both my PHP and MySQL 
configuration files, and have found nothing.  Any ideas?  Thanks in 
advance.  To see the source code for this script, go to .  Thanks in advance for any help!

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