Wow!  Nope, I'm stumped now. It does seem to be a problem with PHP handing
large blocked of text but as I've personally posted 8k of test from a form
into a text field I'll be dogged if I know what's happening. Any possibility
that it's a quotes problem?  If you view the source, is there a PHP error
masked by an HTML tag in there? (grasping at straws here)


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Cal Evans wrote:

>Sorry, I've reached the end of my tech-support flow-chart.  You might want
>to try 2 things:
>1: Fire up the MySQL client of choice and do the insert manually.  If it
>works there.  If it does then at least you've isolated the problem to PHP
>your script.  If not then you've eliminated your script and PHP form the
I altered the add.php script to print the query to screen instead of
sending it to MySQL to try this.  It still acted the same, regardless of
whether it was sending it to the MySQL server or printing it.  In fact,
it even had the same reaction when I commented out the print command as
well.  This appears to be something in the form-handling of PHP.  Any
ideas now?  Thanks for all your help.

>2: post the question, along with the results from the above experiment and
>any other relevant information to the mysql list. ( if you are
>not a member, there;s info on joining there)  My guess is that it's a MySQL
>problem and there are people there who could help you better than I.
Well, I guess I won't do that now - MySQL seems to not be the culprit.

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