Sorry, I've reached the end of my tech-support flow-chart.  You might want
to try 2 things:

1: Fire up the MySQL client of choice and do the insert manually.  If it
works there.  If it does then at least you've isolated the problem to PHP or
your script.  If not then you've eliminated your script and PHP form the

2: post the question, along with the results from the above experiment and
any other relevant information to the mysql list. ( if you are
not a member, there;s info on joining there)  My guess is that it's a MySQL
problem and there are people there who could help you better than I.

Sorry I wasn't more help,

* Cal Evans
* Journeyman Programmer
* Techno-Mage

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Cal Evans wrote:

>I'm not up on the exact spec on MySQL but if it has an 'unlimited' text
>then it is a rarity among SQL engines.  M$SQL's limit is (used to be?) 8MB
>in a single text field.
>FoxPro/dBase had an unlimited text field but that's not so must a SQL
>as a file format.
>My guess is that you are banging your head against the upper limit.  I did
>notice that it has a BIGTEXT type.  Maybe try that.  It still won't solve
>the problem but it may give you more room.
Well, not strictly unlimited, but it basically is for my purpose -
according to the manual, it's 65535 chars - I'm at around 8000-9000
right now, much lower than the limit.  I tried going to mediumtext -
limit of 16777215, and it acts the same.  Both are quite a bit above
what I'm trying to do.

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