Jason Wong wrote:
> On Monday 01 April 2002 07:22, Chris Snyder wrote:
>>I altered the add.php script to print the query to screen instead of
>>sending it to MySQL to try this.  It still acted the same, regardless of
>>whether it was sending it to the MySQL server or printing it.  In fact,
>>it even had the same reaction when I commented out the print command as
>>well.  This appears to be something in the form-handling of PHP.  Any
>>ideas now?  Thanks for all your help.
> Are you using POST or GET for your form? Both have a limit on how much data 
> you can send with GET having a lower limit than POST. So if you were using 
> GET then try using POST. Both limits are, I think, browser dependent.

I tried VNCing over to my WinNT server and using IE on there - it worked 
fine.  This must be a Mozilla issue.  Now I get to have fun over with 
their support channels.<g>  Thanks for all your help.

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