Small flaw in this. The new user would have to actually go and read the
FAQ... I'm a member of many lists, and I've never read the FAQ about the
list... but I've allways been aware that posting newbish questions is
frowned on, so I never did so.

So unless the FAQ was placed infront of them when signing up to this list
(if they actually sign up), then it might not get the results you expect.

But if it stops just 1 newbish post a year, then its worth it..

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Subject: [PHP] PHP FAQ (again)

> I saw this mentioned a few times recently, but I'd really like to put out
> the call again.
> This group needs an FAQ *specific to this list* which helps new members /
> posters integrate seamlessly... really, I'm sick of seeing non specific
> subject lines like "please help", and I'm sure we're all sick of typing
> replies to frequent questions, usually with a response like "I think you
> should check the manual before posting".
> I'm sure we're also sick of posts which don't ask specific questions
> ("what's wrong with my 150 lines of code??").
> When I first joined this group, I too was unaware of what was considered a
> "good post" (and perhaps still, I don't know!!), but some form of welcome
> email when people join the group, or a reminder email sent weekly which
> "keeps the peace" on this list will not go astray.
> Perhaps it could:
> - include some information on how to use the online manual/website (and
> simplicity of searching)
> - cover some frequently asked topics which can be summarised with a link
> a few manual pages or external references (how many times do we see "user
> authentication", "sessions", "mail attachments", "html email", "header
> redirect" and "javascript" in the subject line????  Usually, the writer
> a very generic question, seeks references and tutorials, or doesn't know
> what function to search for in the manual, or they're just lazy.  A quick
> reference to these frequent topics will save a heap of time for all
> concerned.
> - remind people that there is an archive to this list that can be searched
> (and include the URL)
> Some of the posts (including OT posts, ones with meaningless subject
> ones which ask insane questions, etc etc) in this group would be laughed
> by members of other programming language groups (Perl for example).
> As PHP grows as a language, and as the community of users grows with it,
> this list is going to become higher volume.  The FAQs are going to become
> more frequent, and the poor use / misuse of this list will grow with it.
> I can already see frustration growing in this list.
> I'd like to think that the list and it's standards can be raised a little,
> to make it a more valuable resource for all users, without the grief.
> I attach as a reference a text file FAQ which is posted frequently to the
> newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets.  It provided me with
> an excellent resource when I first joined the group, and does help the
> stay somewhat moderated and "clean".
> I'm not saying it's exactly what we need, but I do feel it's time we do
> something.
> Sure, new users *could* find the archive by hunting, the *could* get
> for a bad post, poor question, or for not checking the manual first, but
> wouldn't it be a smarter move long term for some sort of guideline/FAQ to
> incorporated into the list upon subscription, and perhaps on a weekly
> basis??
> I'm happy to help in any way I can, but don't consider myself "guru"
> to develop this from scratch.
> Apologies for the long post, especially since this topic has been kicked
> around before.
> Regards,
> Justin French
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> Creative Director
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