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Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 12:09 PM
Subject: [PHP] PHP FAQ (again) ... we have a plan!

I'm getting a bit interested in this; here's how I
suggest we proceed.

First, we have to agree on the scope of the project.
I suggest a small number of FAQs directed at specific
subjects (rather than one 5000-line monster); my
suggested breakdown follows below.

Second, I suggest storing these permanently in
an easily-referrable format so it's easy to quote the
official faq.  Would php.net be willing to host them?
Hard to find a more suitable spot...

Third, I suggest the "introduction to php.net"
should be posted to the php.general newsgroup
weekly, and the other faqs could maybe be
posted one per week in rota just to keep
everyone's memory fresh.

Fourth, we should have a set of guidelines for the
content (a faq faq?), ie

- each faq should start with links to the whole
    list of permanently-stored faqs

- each faq should be no more than two layers deep
    or 500 lines long; more than that, we should
    consider splitting off a top-level subject into its
    own faq.

- faqs should be text-only, or HTML equivalent
    (modest background, URLs turned into links,
    no graphical content) with rows no more than
    72 characters long (easy to quote in a newsgroup).

- each bottom-level section should consist of a short
    explanation, two to ten lines, followed by one
    to three URLs for further reference.

- all URLs should be to stable, recognized sites;
    OpenSource-affiliated sites should be listed first

Suggested content / breakdown:

+ introduction to php.net
  charter - the purpose of this newsgroup
  posting guidelines and etiquette
    be specific
    be terse
    descriptive subject
    include exact error messages
    include code no more than N lines, else give URL
    be polite
    be thankful - no-one HAS to help you
    don't cross-post
    don't multi-post
    don't spam
  how to subscribe / unsubscribe to the newsgroup
  how to subscribe / unsubscribe to mailing lists
  reference to archives
  reference to php.net manual

+ quick overview of the language
  what is PHP, short history
  most recent version
  where to download
    refer to installation instructions
  refer to php.net manual
  refer to tutorials
  what else I should learn
    HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL -> links

+ installation, recompilation, configuration

+ "name this function"
  quick searchable function list with keywords, short
    descriptions,  maybe very short examples, and links
    to appropriate php.net manual page

+ advanced language questions
  what is a good development environment
  page redirection
  browser refresh / timeout
  I keep getting "headers already sent"
  how to print a number with leading zeros
  how to interact with JavaScript
  the difference between include() and require()
  playing with arrays
  playing with tables

+ forms, sessions, user authentication, cookies
  how to authenticate users
  playing with forms
  how to pass values from one script to another
  how to initiate a session
  how to terminate a session
  counting current users

+ php+database
  refer to mysql.com
  how to query a database
  how to get a limited number of rows

+ email
  how to validate an email address
  sending email
    refer to RFCs
    plain text
    multipart MIME
  processing email ie w/ procmail

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