At 03.04.2002  12:08, you wrote:
>I'm getting a bit interested in this; here's how I
>suggest we proceed.


>+ introduction to
>   charter - the purpose of this newsgroup
>   posting guidelines and etiquette
>     be specific
>     be terse
>     descriptive subject
>     include exact error messages
>     include code no more than N lines, else give URL
>     be polite
>     be thankful - no-one HAS to help you

look which OS you are using and choose the right list

>     don't cross-post
>     don't multi-post
>     don't spam
>   how to subscribe / unsubscribe to the newsgroup
>   how to subscribe / unsubscribe to mailing lists
>   reference to archives
>   reference to manual
>+ quick overview of the language
>   what is PHP, short history
>   most recent version
>   where to download
>     refer to installation instructions
>   terminology/jargon?
>   refer to manual
>   refer to tutorials

For Germans HTML ->
PHP ->
I think this pages are well made, IŽm not affilated with one of the authors ;-)

>   what else I should learn
>     HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL -> links
>+ installation, recompilation, configuration
>+ "name this function"

search code snippets to common problems

>   quick searchable function list with keywords, short
>     descriptions,  maybe very short examples, and links
>     to appropriate manual page
>+ advanced language questions
>   what is a good development environment
>   page redirection
>   browser refresh / timeout
>   I keep getting "headers already sent"
>   how to print a number with leading zeros
>   how to interact with JavaScript
>   the difference between include() and require()
>   playing with arrays
>   playing with tables
>+ forms, sessions, user authentication, cookies
>   how to authenticate users
>   playing with forms
>   how to pass values from one script to another
>   how to initiate a session
>   how to terminate a session
>   counting current users
I think this should be a single point
+ dealing with sessions and/or cookies
... as you wrote above

>+ php+database
>   refer to
>   how to query a database
>   how to get a limited number of rows
>+ email
>   how to validate an email address
>   sending email
>     refer to RFCs
>     plain text
>     HTML
>     multipart MIME
>   processing email ie w/ procmail

But this list shows the absolute structure ?!
Otherwise, there are too many points to scroll.

The method, Miguel suggested, getting on the list
with activly acknowling the FAQ, will be a good idea.

IŽll be onboard, if thereŽs any solution in sight,
giving my 2 cent (or what was the acronym?)


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