I wholeheartedly disagree.  I belong to an emailing list that requires
specific headers and it is a pain.  It costs me nothing to ignore a
post.  But it costs me 5 minutes to format my headers correctly.

You really want to reduce frivolous posts on this list?  Do as I said
before.  Send an automated notification to the list once or twice a week
informing users of where they can get answers to common questions and
how to post questions so that they get the best feedback (ie descriptive
subject, to the point, code examples, etc..).

Will this eliminate all frivolous posts?  No.  But it will keep the
channel of information open for those who need legitimate help.

We are not here to shun newbies or act like elitists.


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On Wednesday 03 April 2002 22:06, Hunter, Ray wrote:
> I am in total agreement with Justin on this one.  Many of the posters
> "need help",  "newbie needs help" , 

I have given up on even reading posts without a meaningful subject. They
straight into the trash can.

> etc.  We need to have some form of FAQ
> with detailed instructions on how to post so that I do not have to
> "What OS are you using, what version of php, which database, etc"
> gets tedious and time consuming.  Not to mention the amount of posts.
> I've been watching Rick Emery give out tons of help, but many of his
> questions are about clarifications on what a users is needing help on.

> Some extra detail will provide faster and reliable help.
> Just some extra thoughts here...
> I now some mailing lists will not even reply if you do not follow
> criteria when you post...

I think that's a jolly good idea. If people are too lazy to help
by reading the FAQ (if there was one) and the posting guidelines (if
was one) then they really don't deserve any help.

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