Hi Ray!

> I am in total agreement with Justin on this one.  Many of the 
> posters use
> "need help",  "newbie needs help" , etc.  We need to have 
> some form of FAQ
> with detailed instructions on how to post so that I do not 
> have to ask;

There are so many ressources on the web on how to pose questions
in mailing lists.
Do you think some extra documentation would help here?
I am afraid many of these posters wouldn't read this FAQ,

> I now some mailing lists will not even reply if you do not 
> follow specific
> criteria when you post...

That's up to everyone himself... BTW, there are many docs
on the web, too, on how to quote (avoid full quotes...)

Like someone (Rasmus?) wrote, there is a quite smart PHP
documentation to cover most of the basic questions, and
a lot of help here...

Again, do you think someone who isn't checking ouzt
the online doc would be reading the FAQ?



It's not a bug, it's a feature.
christoph starkmann

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