The CSV file I attached to the original post is a pretty good example of a
list FAQ.

I'll have a go at it soon, and offer it up for modification, since I know
that i'm not "guru" enough to get it all right :)

Justin French

on 04/04/02 8:01 AM, Miguel Cruz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Jason Lotito wrote:
>> Just for reference, there is www.alt-php-faq.org as well as
>> www.devnetwork.net the home of the PHP Developer's Network
>> We might be able to work something out in providing assistance to this
>> effort.
> Definitely. But a mailing list FAQ is a different beast from a general
> topical FAQ: It has to explain the particular culture of the mailing list,
> deal with issues that for some weird reason come up on the list without
> being FAQs in the greater world, and so on.
> miguel

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