> I think this is a good idea, but it looks to be more of a searchable
> which will highly detailed... I'm really thinking of a medium-length
> introduction to the group (as per my attachment) which hopefulyl
cleans up
> the group a bit.
> Your resource could be fantastic, and could help with what i'm talking
> about, but isn't really the answer *I* had in mind :)
> Half the problem is that newbies AREN'T searching before asking Q's,
> don't know where to search, or don't know the right question to ask...
> any huge FAQ will not help this problem -- even though it will be a
> asset to the community.

All sounds like a good idea. Your first post was at least half-way
there, so why don't you, in true open systems style, take the lead and
gather a group of other like-minded and motivated people, and just
Nike/do it?

Unfortunately the benefits are predicated on two things:

1 the unreasonable: will the newbie/questioner bother to consult any FAQ
before putting fingers to keyboard? At the one extreme we have people
who don't even notice that there are unsubscribe instructions at the end
of every msg, and beg to be released from membership (and please
encourage them to go - bless 'em!) Another is the person who is so bound
up in his/her work or perhaps naturally self-centered, that (s)he can
justify 'breaking' any 'rules' because "I JUST need to know NOW" (those
three capitalised words saying it 'all'). I've had three and four-round
correspondence with several ratbags where the last contribution from me
boils down to "read what I wrote in paragraph-n of my first reply" and
from them "Sorry, I've been working continuously for 17hours and can't
see straight" (to put it politely - and sometimes they don't feel it
necessary to thank/apologise...)

2 the reasonable: the worst problem a newbie faces is working out the
terminology/jargon. I'm currently helping someone working in MS-Excel
and disappearing deep into the bowels of macros/VBA. His system is
German language, and mine English. Often my problem is working out first
the 'M$ word' for something by chasing through the KnowledgeBase, and
then perhaps working out how to translate it into German-Excel... Anyone
who has (also done something bad in a previous life) worked with M$
products is familiar with this problem/feeling. The same applies here: a
newbie might talk about a 'logon and a password' without knowing that
the online manual's search engine will answer his/her question in a
flash if the word "authentication" is used...

Yes a bit of thought in the amount of info given (not too little, not
too much - quite a tall order when you're seeking an answer to something
you don't understand!), and the quality of message titles/subjects, does
go a long way towards motivating me (at least) into considering taking
the time and trouble to reply, etc, etc.

Go for it!

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