Apparently under the bug report database for bug number 16043, my
exactly problem was described.  According to the PHP team, this
windows/apache1.3.23/php4.1.2 session not writing to file bug has been
fixed in the 4.2.0RC1 binaries.  I've patched my php4apache.dll with the
ones from 4.2.0RC1 AND it still doesn't work!!!  Anyone who used
4.2.0RC1 came across this problem and made it work?

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This isn't limited to windows 2000, I've seen it on nt and xp as well.
believe it is just a php on windows bug in general.  I've heard 4.1.1
not broken however 4.1.1 has a security hole, if you are just using
as a test/development platform you may consider trying 4.1.1.


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To: Wolfram Kriesing
Subject: RE: [PHP] session variables

I've even tried the new php4apache.dll that was on that bug list and
still did not work.  I'm suprised nobody else has this session problem
on Windows 2000 and Apache...

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Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 12:21 PM
Subject: Re: [PHP] session variables

On Thursday 04 April 2002 19:15, Lee, Ford wrote:
> I seem to have configuration problems....i just can't seem to get
> session variables written to in files under win2000, NTFS w/ Apache
> PHP......i've already done everything from session_start() on every
> to making var global....anybody can help??  thanks....btw, i got the
> same system on a Linux box running apache and php and it works

this is a bug in PHP 4.1.2 on win
i am also looking for a workaround  :-(

... translating template engine ....

... authentication system ....

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