I have a function that i call at the beginning of each page (well, those
that require user auth).


this checks for a positive integer value in a session variable called


is that isn't a positive integer, i redirect to the login page.

the login is split into two script, prompt and process.  prompt is a form
which  POSTs data to the process script which in turn verifys the
username/password and if valid, assigns $_SESSION['intUserID'] the value of
the users user ID.

all looks fine to me.


p.s. is it just me or is the reply-to on this list a little odd?

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> From: Phil Powell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: 16 April 2002 22:50
> Subject: [PHP] Session Variables
> I understand the concept of session variables, so I want to know the best
> methodology of approaching this:
> 1) HTML redirect to PHP page
> 2) PHP page looks for session
>   a) If found, show some stuff
>   b) If not found, prompt user for username and password
> 3) If no session, prompt user for username and password, once entered & is
> ok, set session and redirect
> Following is a code snippet I borrowed that I think would work, correct me
> if I'm wrong:
> // Setting a name for our session.
> session_name("hasLoggedIn");
> // Starting Session.
> session_start();
> // Register vars into session
> session_register("username");
> // Setting values for session vars.
> $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["username"]=$HTTP_POST_VARS["username"];
> // Referring a session info to another PHP.
> echo "<A HREF=\"somefile.php?" . session_name() . "=" . session_id() .
> "%s\">text</A>";
> Thanx!!
> Phil
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