At 04.04.2002  13:18, you wrote:
>Apparently under the bug report database for bug number 16043, my
>exactly problem was described.  According to the PHP team, this
>windows/apache1.3.23/php4.1.2 session not writing to file bug has been
>fixed in the 4.2.0RC1 binaries.  I've patched my php4apache.dll with the
>ones from 4.2.0RC1 AND it still doesn't work!!!  Anyone who used
>4.2.0RC1 came across this problem and made it work?

>This isn't limited to windows 2000, I've seen it on nt and xp as well.
>believe it is just a php on windows bug in general.  I've heard 4.1.1
>not broken however 4.1.1 has a security hole, if you are just using
>as a test/development platform you may consider trying 4.1.1.

You´re on the wrong list, windowsPHPuser is the right one!
This is php-general.
HTH Oliver

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