It sounds like you might have some non-technical or open-source execs to talk to, 
and that a non-MS platform is not an option (yet :^) ).  If so, here are some more 
"managerial"-type arrows for your quiver:

1.) MySQL was one of the top 2 databases in a Ziff-Davis major vendor "shootout" 
recently, ranking alongside Oracle 9i.  See 

under the heading "MySQL a winner in server database clash".  They like products more 
if they're mentioned in the same sentence as Oracle.  Oracle was on the SuperBowl, you 
know. :^)

2.) Actually, PHP doesn't officially say that CGI is the recommended install for IIS.  
They simply issue a few caveats regarding SAPI.  Check it out at:

3.) I have nothing to offer on the search engine issue.

     Now, I know that some of what I just said will incense some folks, because yes, 
ideally this poor fellow would be able to use *nix with Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  But, 
since he may not have that luxury, these items might put enough "spin" on things for 
him to get the Open Source items in the door.  Once that initial "yes" has been given, 
the subsequent steps might come more easily.

Best of luck,
Barry C. Hawkins
Systems Consultant
All Things Computed

Mallen Baker wrote:
 > Hi - the company we're talking to about doing some work on a simple
 > site / database is trying hard to persuade us that Windows-based PHP
 > / mysql is not the route to go. The arguments are as follows:
 > 1. XXX's experience that MySQL is less than 100% stable when running
 > on a windows platform (main problem being unexpected database
 > shutdowns while applications are being used).

2. The fact that the
 > recommended mode for running PHP on a windows platform (the CGI
 > binary) uses technology that is now reasonably old and will
 > consequently result  in a hit to the server performance and memory
 > management and the associated  possible lack of scalability.

3. Loss
 > of verity - the powerful search engine bundled with Cold Fusion.
 > Searches may  be significantly slower on the new site.

 > I have had some experience using php/mysql on linux/apache - but
 > don't have enough information to know whether this advice is sound or
 > not. Can anyone please advise - is there anything in these arguments?
 > If so, are there ways around the problems. We very much want to use
 > these technologies due to the open source aspects.

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