> We have just taken a contract for a dedicated server, and I tried rather
> hard to get it to be a Linux server. The killer for that was that we
> have a significantly complex site that will need to be migrated to the
> server which has been coded in asp - which leaves us rather stuck with
> Windows and IIS. I stared this hard in the face and asked questions
> about the cost of recoding before being reluctantly persuaded this had
> to be.
> So that being the case, am I picking up the message that the criticisms
> are basically correct? ie. no-one ought to start from here, but if
> you're forced to use IIS (because asp won't work with anything else)
> then php / mysql is not going to be the way to go (xxx are proposing
> coldfusion / sqlserver).

But there is really no point in switching from ASP to CF.  What are you
hoping to gain?  Going from one dead-end proprietary system to another
which both try to lock you into their technologies seems pointless to me.
Is ASP not working?  Why not just stick with that?

Why not get a low-cost Linux server as well and slowly start migrating


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