Barry C. Hawkins wrote:
 > Mallen, It sounds like you might have some non-technical or
 > open-source execs to talk to, and that a non-MS platform is not an
 > option (yet :^) ).  If so, here are some more "managerial"-type
 > arrows for your quiver:
 > 1.) MySQL was one of the top 2 databases in a Ziff-Davis major vendor
 > "shootout" recently, ranking alongside Oracle 9i.  See
 > under the heading "MySQL a winner in server database clash".  They
 > like products more if they're mentioned in the same sentence as
 > Oracle.  Oracle was on the SuperBowl, you know. :^)
 > 2.) Actually, PHP doesn't officially say that CGI is the recommended
 > install for IIS.  They simply issue a few caveats regarding SAPI.
 > Check it out at:

"Officially" perhaps but I think the overwhelming consensus has been
that ISAPI under Windows just didn't work.  It *does* work now, as
long as you don't use any third party DLLs (like MySQL, GD, etc) 
rendering it pretty useless.

Sorry, it's just anecdotal evidence, but you'll notice that no one in 
the PHP camp will unequivocally say that PHP under ISAPI is solid.  The 
silence on ISAPI speaks volumes right now.

 > 3.) I have nothing to offer on the search engine issue.
 > Now, I know that some of what I just said will incense some folks,
 > because yes, ideally this poor fellow would be able to use *nix with
 > Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  But, since he may not have that luxury,
 > these items might put enough "spin" on things for him to get the Open
 > Source items in the door.  Once that initial "yes" has been given,
 > the subsequent steps might come more easily.

If the only way to get "open source" products in the door is
to have them running half-crippled (running on OSes they weren't
designed for) you're giving "open source" products a bad image.  No one 
expects ASP to run on anything but IIS (chilisoft notwithstanding).  If 
the server HAS to be Windows, use ActiveState's Perl or something else 
with a company behind it and just go down that road.

Having PHP run poorly under Windows will just make PHP look bad, even if 
it's Windows' fault.

Michael Kimsal

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