This is a rather meaningless thread.  It is a
security issue that is displaced.

Anybody can take down his own machine with a couple of
lines of code.  It is not the (entire) responsibility of the
language to protect the machine from resource exhaustion
or whatever.

In security, you have the concept of the trusted user,
and the users on my machine I trust.  If you are
running a public server, you just don't let any
code go on to the machine if it is not from a
trusted user.  The only alternative is for the
server owner to inspect the code in order to
trust the code, if he does not trust the user.

If a server owner lets script kiddies on the server,
it is a security issue, not a PHP issue.  If the
originator of this thread thinks this is a weakness
in PHP with the posted code, he is mistaken.

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