Interesting, check out my apache error log:
[Wed Apr 17 18:35:53 2002] [error] PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time
of 30 seconds exceeded in d:\html\loop.asp on line 7

So PHP recognized the max execution time of 30 seconds being exceeded, but
neither it nor apache shut down the script.


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Do you have a PHP binary compiled too?  If Apache can be taken out of the
equation and the script still exceed memory/time limits, that would sure
appear to be a PHP bug. (FWIW, I can't find an existing bug report about
this behavior at  Perhaps you and the OP could run backtraces
and open a new bug report?)

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 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jason Soza) wrote:

> It shows the memory and CPU time being used by apache. I have PHP
> installed as a module, that may be why. (?)
> Jason Soza
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> Subject: RE: [PHP] Nasty DoS in PHP
> > Is that memory usage used by PHP or apache?????
> >
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> >
> >
> > For what it's worth, I just ran this script on my server, and despite
> > the 30 second time limit and 8mb memory limit in php.ini, the script
> > ran longer than 30 secs, CPU usage went between 60% and 100% and my
> > memory usage reached 352000 before I stopped it.


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