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 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jason Soza) wrote:

> Interesting, check out my apache error log:
> [Wed Apr 17 18:35:53 2002] [error] PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time
> of 30 seconds exceeded in d:\html\loop.asp on line 7

LOL.  You use *.asp for your PHP scripts?  Wouldn't that be considered 
blaspemous? <g>

> So PHP recognized the max execution time of 30 seconds being exceeded, but
> neither it nor apache shut down the script.

So that was both as an Apache mod and a CGI binary?  Sounds like it's 
reproducible.  Open a bug report so the developers can track it down 
<>.  Even though putting header() into an 
infinite loop sounds like something not to do in general, a bug is still a 
bug even if it's a pretty esoteric one.


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