Hi there,

I am trying to find a Mailing List Manager on the net that is written in PHP
that access a database of emails, and other information, in order to manage
and maintain a list of subscribers.

I have now decided to write my own, both to fill a possible niche in the PHP
code world, and also to further my understanding of PHP. I am asking your
help in providing me with a list of things that need to implemented into
this code in order to provide something that people want to use. I am
willing to make this code widely available to who ever wants it, and
eventually code something that will be useable by other people in the PHP

I have thought of the following, and if people could suggest/add to this
list I would greatly appreciate it!

Control Panel
-Add User
-Delete User
-Validate Email
-Send Mail (HTML/Text)
-Archive Mail

HTML Generator
-Subscription Box
-Unsubscribe Box

Can anybody help me with this project codenamed "phpLISTMAN"???

Kind Regards, Ian.
Randum Ian
DJ / Reviewer / Webmaster, DancePortal (UK) Limited
DancePortal.co.uk - Global dance music media

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