On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Randum Ian wrote:
> I am trying to find a Mailing List Manager on the net that is written in
> PHP that access a database of emails, and other information, in order to
> manage and maintain a list of subscribers.

I might instead suggest focusing your efforts on making a really nice PHP 
front end for ezmlm. There are things it does that you'll never really be 
able to pull off in PHP, yet it's extremely ugly to configure, and 
therefore could use a hand. I've seen a few front ends for it but none of 
them impressed me all that much.

Creating a robust mailing list manager from scratch is not a trivial
exercise. Doing it in PHP - with one process, hamstrung by
environment-imposed execution time limits, etc., sounds like madness 
unless you're making something very lightweight.


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