The problem with PHP is that it would be a limited Mailing List. 

Imagine having a database of 100.000 subscribers (as my previous company
had 600.000). Can you handle it with PHP? We used Ezmlm. Over night, on
different server that seats away from our main bandwidth hub, with
limited bandwidth usage and it was doing it's work every Sunday Night.

PHP won't work easily because it is generally activated via browser. So,
the maximum amount of subscribers you can handle with the list written
entirely in PHP would be something like 1-4.000 or so still waiting for
a while to finish sending. It could be useful still, but I think it is
rather more painful than useful to you and your user.

I have once started such project followed by your very ideas: "no such
software in PHP - Let's write one!!!" But then, I got discouraged just
as I thought about it deeper. Look at Source-Forge for RealList - that
is my tentative (if you'll find it though).

A good extended interface to ezmlm could be a good idea though. I don't
like the one they have now.

Whatever you write in PHP regarding emails, unless you connect it to
other languages like Ruby, Perl or Python that can run it in background
(consider PHP-GTK as well, still more than just PHP) your list will only
handle a small amount of subscribers and, not automatically (unless user
has the access to server what would also mean he can install something
other than your ML).

My 0.02 EuroCents.

Please note that I wasn't trying to be extra-precise here, so don't pick
on the words. The idea of this was rather important to explain.


Maxim Maletsky
Founder, Chief Developer

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> From: Randum Ian [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2002 9:38 PM
> To: PHP
> Subject: [PHP] phpLISTMAN
> Hi there,
> I am trying to find a Mailing List Manager on the net that is written
in PHP
> that access a database of emails, and other information, in order to
> and maintain a list of subscribers.
> I have now decided to write my own, both to fill a possible niche in
the PHP
> code world, and also to further my understanding of PHP. I am asking
> help in providing me with a list of things that need to implemented
> this code in order to provide something that people want to use. I am
> willing to make this code widely available to who ever wants it, and
> eventually code something that will be useable by other people in the
> world.
> I have thought of the following, and if people could suggest/add to
> list I would greatly appreciate it!
> Control Panel
> -Add User
> -Delete User
> -Validate Email
> -Send Mail (HTML/Text)
> -Archive Mail
> HTML Generator
> -Subscription Box
> -Unsubscribe Box
> -Statistics
> Can anybody help me with this project codenamed "phpLISTMAN"???
> Kind Regards, Ian.
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> Randum Ian
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