On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, michael kimsal wrote:
> Miguel Cruz wrote:
>> But take care - using JavaScript for site navigation is tricky business. 
>> Some people don't use it, some people can't use it (not supported by their 
>> browsers / hardware / corporate policy), and search engines certainly 
>> won't follow those links.
> Can someone point me to hardware that is still in active use that can't 
> handle javascript?

Palm Pilot
Cell phones
Lots of public internet kiosks

> Similarly, can someone point me to a company that specifically disables
> javascript as 'corporate policy'?  Back in 96-97, the 'no javascript'
> argument held, and probably holds today some if you're targetting
> handhelds and other 'non standard' devices.  But if someone specifically
> disables Javascript these days, a good portion of their web experience
> will not be as robust as it would otherwise be, and they probably won't
> notice that using your site is any worse than any other site.

I've done consulting in bank and government offices where application 
proxies filtered out JavaScript. Given its frequent role as an attack 
vector, this struck me as only the tiniest bit paranoid.

Go to any of the truly major sites, the ones that depend on getting large 
numbers of people in and have mastered the art of doing it gracefully, and 
you'll see that they don't depend on JavaScript. Even Microsoft's own 
MSNBC.com works fine without it. Likewise Yahoo, CNN, eBay, Amazon, etc.

> IMO, it's now like targetting only websafe colors because some people 
> might only browse in 256 colors.  If they do that, about 80% of the 
> web's content will look like crap anyway, and they won't specifically 
> think my stuff looks all that much worse than anyone else's.

With current versions of Netscape and Mac browsers, I frequently see areas 
of flat (HTML-specified) color not matching non-web-safe GIF and JPEG 
colors. This creates unsightly seams (like not wearing a panty-liner, I 


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