Have been coding php for a while now but i still havent found a stable
(easy and not time consuming) way of working in PHP, i mean, i use
homesite5 to code and when i want to test the php i upload the scripts and
test them on the site. This process is a bit time consuming, so i installed
php on my winXP, but even like that i can only test small things using php
master editor.
        Anyone know how i can make my work more efficient? Like install MySQL and
PHP and get everything working normally when i preview the code in internet
explorer, that would be perfect, is it possible? How do you guys and girls
work with php, what editors and/or tools you use?

   (Win) Programmer's File Editor http://www.lancs.ac.uk/people/cpaap/pfe/
   (Linux) vi, xEdit, pico
   (none of that color coded, tag completion stuff, just good ol' text
editing. I liked HomeSite when it didn't crash...around v1.2, and it was
basically just a text ed w/color coding)

Server Environments;
   Win XP & Win 98 - latest version of PHP for win, MySQL 3.23 for win,
Apache for win and PWS on Win98 to test as IIS server running PHP and MySQL
   Linux - just upgraded PHP using a small, resurrected 466Mhz machine,
128Mb RAM with Apache, PHP, MySQL 3.23 as test platform
   FreeBSD - just upgraded PHP, production servers

You know you could get a used, older machine, like a P90 for just a few
bucks, install a network card, go the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP route (not
difficult at all), and for under $200 you could have a nifty little test

Jay Blanchard

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