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> Anyone know how i can make my work more efficient? Like install MySQL and
> PHP and get everything working normally when i preview the code in
> explorer, that would be perfect, is it possible? How do you guys and girls
> work with php, what editors and/or tools you use?

1.  Install Apache from apache.org

2.  Install PHP from php.net

3.  Install MySQL from mysql.com

4.  I use HomePage 4.5.2; it has a setting that is very useful:
     under Options -> Settings -> Browse, check 'Enable
    Server Mappings', click Add, set 'C:\program files\
    Apache Group\Apache\htdocs' (or wherever you put
    your web directory) to 'http:/localhost/' and Voila!
    You can browse the page results directly in HomePage.
    Very handy.  I assume version 5 has something
    closely equivalent.

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