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> >       Anyone know how i can make my work more efficient? Like install
> > MySQL and
> > PHP and get everything working normally when i preview the code in
> > internet
> > explorer, that would be perfect, is it possible? How do you guys and
> > work with php, what editors and/or tools you use?

Download and install the windows installers for Apache and MySQL
and you'll have a very functional server for testing your code before
uploading it to your production server.  I've got them all running under
WinXP Home quite nicely.

I have both Apache and MySQL servers set to start up manually
(don't need them running all the time, and especially don't want
them running while I'm connected to the net).

I use Emacs/html-helper-mode or HTML-Edit (www.chami.com)
depending on the mood I'm in to write my code (doesn't anybody
work with raw HTML anymore?)

I preview with Mozilla and IE 6 (HTML-Edit also offers preview
capabilities, although I haven't figured out how to make it preview
PHP pages yet).


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