Obviously most coders are in the middle ground.
They are not writing "the killer app of all time"
but is of significant value.  I don't know what
people on here are charging but I can't add $2880
a year to my overhead for the zend encoder.  Plus
add $1875 per cpu for the zend accelerator for
each project.

So you're bidding for a project and the guy asks,
"Let me get this straight, you're charging me more
then everyone else and I won't be able to edit the
code?"  I think you would simply pricing yourself
out of the market.

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From: David Freeman
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Subject: RE: [PHP] Genus who came up with "Self
Destruct Code" & "Copy
Pro tection"

 > I was talking in general. The BBS was simply an
example to
 > make things clearer. I am *not* developing a BB
 > If you want you can think of a immaginary tool
that makes
 > a website load twice as fast, need the half web
 > space and makes the website look nicer, of
course at lower

OK, if you're producing something with a
significant commercial value
then spring for the dollars to pay for zend
encoder and use it.  Seems
like some people want it both ways - my code is
different and unique and
has commercial value in and of itself but I'm not
prepared to spend real
dollars to protect it, I want free code to do

I suspect that many people in this situation have
an overly high opinion
of their code and, in reality, there are open
source or free
alternatives that do much the same (albeit elegant
and easily
customisable or whatever) and, as such, not worth
spending the money on

CYA, Dave

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