> So I should buy a commerical product from zend to
 > protect my code but since my code will be reversed
 > engineered anyways then what's the point of buying
 > from zend?

That's your choice.  It's also my point.  If you can't be 100% secure
then perhaps you should be looking at what you're trying to do.

Some observable facts:

1.  Some companies remain, from what I can tell, highly successful and
can give away their source code for free.

2.  Some companies remain, from what I can tell, highly successful
without giving away any of their source.

3.  Some companies fail, even if they are giving away their source.

4.  Some companies fail, even if they don't give away their source.

The conclusion I draw from that is that protecting or giving away your
source is not a single make or break decision for a company.  Rather,
there are a myriad of decisions involved, of which the status of any
source code is but one.  Protect it, don't protect it, by itself it
doesn't mean squat.  In association with other things it might.

For example, if you aren't prepared to pursue, in the courts as
necessary, your closed source proprietary code then sooner or later
someone will figure that out and take it for their own use.  Do you
think Microsoft would be as successful if it wasn't as agresive about
protecting it's "intellectual property"?

Speaking only for myself, I believe the effort involved to be not worth
it, so I have no current intention of trying to protect, encode,
conceal, booby trap or whatever any of my code.

What you do is your business.  You'd probably do well to understand the
implications first - what are you protecting?  Why?  How far will you go
to protect it?  Will you take legal action?  Etc etc etc

CYA, Dave

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