unregistered variable message means that you're doing something like:

if($address == "foo")
  // something

if $address isn't set, then it's an unregistered var.

this *might* solve it:

    if($address == "foo")
        // do something

the difference between the two OS's isn't the OS, it's prolly the config
file, and how heavy the error reporting is, so, one option would be to
modify the PC's config file so that error reporting is toned down... another
would be to look at the error_reporting() function, which can customise the
error level on a per-script basis.


however, it does sound like your POST vars aren't getting through...

you could try $_POST['varname'] on one of the vars, to see if you still get
"unregistered var" errors for that var


on 14/05/02 11:48 PM, Bob Strasser ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Anyone know a simple explanation of how to use forms using the post method on
> PHP for Windows.  I use PHP on Linux and I don't have any problems.  I do the
> same thing on Windows and I get an unregistered variable message on Windows.
> I assume I've missed something.  Global variables is on.  Why isn't the info
> tranferring?

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