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> You probably want to get 4.2, or 4.2.1 if it's out.

Didn't think those were considered production quality just yet.

> How are you registering variables for the session? Is register_globals on or
> off in your php.ini.


> If it's off, you register a variables just by using
> $_SESSION["var"] = "value";
> instead of using
> session_register("var");
> $var = "value";

Yeah, I'm using $_SESSION["blah"]

> If register globals is on, then use the second method with
> session_register().
> This is all after you call session_start, of course.

Of course.

Again, this is all code that works perfectly against a setup I have on
Solaris and Linux.  And again, I'm using a file handler for sessions, and
the 'sess_037df7670....' file gets created.  Just that nothing ends up in it
- which is a problem when PHP goes to retrieve a session.

Thanks for the response.
Ed Marczak

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