You probably want to get 4.2, or 4.2.1 if it's out.

How are you registering variables for the session? Is register_globals on or
off in your php.ini.

If it's off, you register a variables just by using
$_SESSION["var"] = "value";
instead of using
$var = "value";

If register globals is on, then use the second method with

This is all after you call session_start, of course.

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From: "Edward Marczak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 12:04 PM
Subject: [PHP] Using Sessions under Win98/Apache

> I've been developing a PHP driven site that will ultimately run under
> Solaris and Linux - no problems there.
> But I set up a small development/test environment on my laptop running
> Win98.  Downloaded the PHP binary (v 4.1.2) along with Apache (v 1.3.24)
> MySQL.  Everything works great....almost.
> Sessions aren't working for some reason.  Yes, they're enabled in my
> file (and running a php_info() confirms that session support is enabled).
> The odd thing is, is that it will create the 'sess_038d7....' file.  Just
> data goes into it.
> Yes, I'm running the exact same code against it that I'm running against
> Solaris and Linux PHP.
> Is there something different about the Windows version that I don't know
> that is causing my sessions to not work?
> Thanks!
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> Ed Marczak
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