I've been developing a PHP driven site that will ultimately run under
Solaris and Linux - no problems there.

But I set up a small development/test environment on my laptop running
Win98.  Downloaded the PHP binary (v 4.1.2) along with Apache (v 1.3.24) and
MySQL.  Everything works great....almost.

Sessions aren't working for some reason.  Yes, they're enabled in my php.ini
file (and running a php_info() confirms that session support is enabled).
The odd thing is, is that it will create the 'sess_038d7....' file.  Just no
data goes into it.

Yes, I'm running the exact same code against it that I'm running against the
Solaris and Linux PHP.

Is there something different about the Windows version that I don't know
that is causing my sessions to not work?

Ed Marczak

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