On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 07:34:13AM +0100, Olav Bringedal wrote:
> First of all my pbpBB 2.0 forums stopped working

Do they use variables straight up, rather than via the new superglobals such as 
$_POST?  Simple solution, change your php.ini to have register_globals = on.

> (http://utge.dyndns.org/phpbb2/index.php). When you
> try to log in i get an error, malfomed header request?

I guess somewhere, some text is being sent out to the browser before the header()  
functions are being called.  Perhaps due to a different level of error reporting in
your new php.ini setup?

> So my question is, why has that changed, and what do
> we do now to authenticate users and redirect them to
> anothe page? And what the hell is this "@" thingy, i
> cant see to find anything on it in the manual, and
> search doesnt work for chars like that.

The @ represses error messages.  For example:
   mail('', 'subject', 'body');
will produce an error message, that the to address is bad, while
   @mail('', 'subject', 'body');
will silently fail.

Rather than doing that, it's better to write your code so that there won't be error
messages in the first place.


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