> >   if( empty($Authorized) ) {
> >      header ('Location: http://jaggu.org');
> >   } else {
> >      $user = $Session['user'];
> >   }
> Thanks for the reply, but it didnt help :)

Perhaps because you're ignoring what I said.

> The code is without errors. What I submitted was
> written on the fly to illustrate what i tried to do.
> Here is the actual code...
> $playername=$_GET['player'];

This will generate an error message if there's no player variable in the 
request string and you have error reporting set high enough.  Evaluate 
for "empty($_GET['player'])"

> if (!$playername)
> {
> ..print HTML form code...
> }
> else 
> {
>       if ($playername)

Why are you testing for playername again?  You already know it's there 
because your'e in the else after the "if (!$playername)" statement.

>       {
>               $_SESSION['playername']=$playername;
>               header('Location:
> http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/UTGE/index.html'); 

Hmm...  You're sticking playername into the Session array.  I haven't
used PHP's session handling, but some things seem odd here.  Where did
you start the session?  Also, how is your relocated page going to know 
about the session?  I don't see any code here that performs those tasks.



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