On Wed, 15 May 2002, Olav Bringedal wrote:
> That is all well, but if php 4.2.1 interprets any
> output (as errors not only screen errors) as something
> that is sent before a header in a redirect, there is
> no other way (that i'm aware of) around it. 
> Like this:
> $user=$Session["user"];
> if(!$Authorized)
> {
>       header ("Location: http://jaggu.org";);
> }
> this will not work, you have to write:
> @$user=@$Session["user"];
> @if(@!$Authorized)
> {
>       header ("Location: http://jaggu.org";);
> }
> To actually get the redirect. 

That's not new to 4.2.1.

The solution remains the same as always: Choose between either:

A) Using output buffering; or

B) Make sure you don't generate any output before sending headers. You 
don't need to stick @ in front of everything, just eliminate all errors 
from your code and then make sure you aren't printing stuff.

For better or worse, there's no scapegoat here.


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