Hi Michael,

> > Set your cron job up as "lynx -dump http://www.myserver.com/myscript.php
> > /dev/null" (or pipe it to a logfile if you fancy) - obviously, you'll
> > lynx installed for this to work :-)
> but this is only needed only if you compile php into apache or am i wrong?
> if i have the cgi version installed, i can call the php script
> directly from the shell. The only thing for me to do then, is to set
>  #!/path.to/php in the first line of the script, right?

Spot on. As a couple of others have pointed out, you can compile PHP to be a
standalone interpreter and then write scripts for it - personally I always
use it as a module, and I find using lynx works perfectly... if it ain't
broken, don't fix it...


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