> from the cron I would call this command...
> wget -q -T10 http:/www.mydomain.com/myScript.php -0 /dev/null
> I have never had a problem with this method, although I am sure it has
> a higher overhead than compiling as a binary and directly calling php.

This method (again) is insecure in the extreme... please see my other
responses to this for further details but basically, the following stand:

1. The script is executed as the web process

2. The web process has to be running

3. The script is accessable from the web

This makes it highly insecure as anyone could execute it (unless you
locked it down which is silly when you could just run it locally
yourself). Also the data is going over HTTP which would easily be
intercepted with ethereal / tcpdump etc. I still *strongly* recommend
compiling a binary if only for purely security based precautionary

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