On Fri, 17 May 2002, Dan Hardiker wrote:
>> from the cron I would call this command...
>> wget -q -T10 http:/www.mydomain.com/myScript.php -0 /dev/null
> This makes it highly insecure as anyone could execute it (unless you
> locked it down which is silly when you could just run it locally
> yourself). Also the data is going over HTTP which would easily be
> intercepted with ethereal / tcpdump etc. I still *strongly* recommend
> compiling a binary if only for purely security based precautionary
> reasons.

Your point about the script being web-accessible is crucial and sufficient 
reason for not doing things that way.

The tcpdump thing isn't much of a concern, because a connection to a local 
address will be shunted across lo0 (or whatever your loopback interface 
is called), and therefore can only be sniffed by someone with root access 
on that same machine.


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