Hi Jim!

> ok, here are a few questions for you to clarify things.

> A)  Do you want to place a limit on the size of a single file being
> uploaded?
Yes. In fact, i would like to prevent having users upload too 
big files. There are two reasons:
First, I don't want my server space to be consumed by files too big.
Second, I want to be able to prevent my (limited) traffic to
be "exhausted". Simple reason: I pay for anything above let's say
10 GB of traffic. So what PHP offers to me AFAIK enables me to
protect my space, but not my traffic. That's where my question
comes from.

> B)  Do you want to place a restriction that says after n'th 
> number of files that have been uploaded equal 'X' ammount 
> of space on the  server disable file uploads? (this is what 
> it sounds like you are asking, to me anyways)

Nope. This would be quite easy, I guess. But that's not the
problem, it's about traffic.
> Answer these two questions and it will help me alot

Hope this did ;) Can you help me now? ;)



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