On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Christoph Starkmann wrote:
> Yes. In fact, i would like to prevent having users upload too 
> big files. There are two reasons:
> First, I don't want my server space to be consumed by files too big.
> Second, I want to be able to prevent my (limited) traffic to
> be "exhausted". Simple reason: I pay for anything above let's say
> 10 GB of traffic. So what PHP offers to me AFAIK enables me to
> protect my space, but not my traffic. That's where my question
> comes from.

Depending on your server environment, you may be able to get the firewall
code to drop a connection after a certain amount of traffic in one
direction. That would effectively and unceremoniously cut off the rogue
uploads. Beyond the scope of this mailing list, though.


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