>> A)  Do you want to place a limit on the size of a single file being
>> uploaded?
> Second, I want to be able to prevent my (limited) traffic to
> be "exhausted". Simple reason: I pay for anything above let's say
> 10 GB of traffic. So what PHP offers to me AFAIK enables me to
> protect my space, but not my traffic.

You are absolutly correct. Welcome to the client/server relationship. Your
PHP is *entirely* server side, meaning that (in a HTTP[S] PUT or POST) the
entire file is sent to PHP before it can work out if its too big or not.

However, there are some client side effects you can induce (such as the
browser limiting the file size, this can be set in the HTML FORM) - but as
this is client side there is no gaurentee that this request will be
honoured (still leaving you open for a custom / noncompliant browser to
upload giga-huge files to you).

In my experiance its best to give people access to FTP upload but thats
not always an option... I hope the information has helped you. The
following URL might be worth researching.


Look for information on "MAX_FILE_SIZE" and READ the user comments. The
manual + user comments usually holds the answers you seek. ;)
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