Back to the old bombshell of which webserver...

I have'nt seen any reports which say what is better...

Here is my issue:

The webserver I am setting up will potentially host 4 or 5 sites...

How does IIS fair against Apache with servring multiple sites? each site will be 
like... http://customername.ourdomain.co.uk

Also - more an IIS/Apache Q, how do you configure the above to work in both IIS and 

We arenot using ASP - yet, but might do at a later date... can IIS and Apache live 
together? if so how would you confirue a site who's PHP is served with Apache and ASP 
with IIS.

SSL Certificates... how do they work on Apache? IIS is a simple Wizard, I've not had 
to set SSL up before.

The hardware config is that machine has 2 nics, one to router for outside world to 
access it, another so the server can access the LAN as components of the 
web-application are VB Apps running on client machines to the LAN manipulating the 
database that is ultimatley used by PHP.

It's Win2k Server, p3 1.7ghz 512mb ram, 120gb raid 5.

The Application is not *launched* as yet, So I'l looking at whither to use Apache/IIS.

Thanks in advance....

   Brian M McGarvie...

   [ http://www.the-local-guide.com :: http://www.mcgarvie.net ]

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