On Friday, June 14, 2002, 9:13:59 AM, Brian McGarvie wrote:
> How does IIS fair against Apache with servring multiple sites? each site will be 
>like... http://customername.ourdomain.co.uk

Both are capable of serving multiple sites without any issues that I am aware

> Also - more an IIS/Apache Q, how do you configure the above to work in both IIS and 

In IIS you set the host header for the site when you set the IP for the site.
In Apache you use the NameVirtualHost directive. See the MSIIS and Apache docs
for more detailed instructions.

> We arenot using ASP - yet, but might do at a later date... can IIS and Apache live 
>together? if so how would you confirue a site who's PHP is served with Apache and ASP 
>with IIS.

IIS and Apache can live together happily. You have to disable connection
pooling for IIS (can't remember how - there is a knowledge-base article on the
MS site that gives full details).

Why would you want to have Apache serve PHP and IIS serve ASP for the same
site? Why not just have IIS do both?

> SSL Certificates... how do they work on Apache? IIS is a simple Wizard, I've not had 
>to set SSL up before.

Dunno, never used SSL with Apache. Sorry.

I hope that helps.


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