You probably want to use Windows 2000 Server instead; after all, Windows XP
more or less targeted against workstations and home use (as of yet). It may
need some tweaking to be suitable for server-use. Consider the complexity of
all DCOM+ components that coexist and rely on various services to excel in
performance and functionality.

I doubt this neither, is of any real use. Just my thoughts on the subject,
and my
practical experience with IIS 5/PHP is limited.

Henrik J.

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  I'm not to sure about the servers. I use Windows XP Pro and I'm coding and

stuff offline to learn more about php, lasso and mysql. I've been doing this

awile now but I've had problems with various php/mysql scripts. I usually 
get scripts from hotscripts.com and have prolly about 100 different programs

running. Just messing moreless.

On IIS 5.0 that comes with WINXP Pro, I ran IIS5.0, MySQL, PHP and Lasso. 
Every once in a while, IIS would hang and would not do anything at all. This

happened on many propular scripts such as php nuke.

I have also ran the same configuration above along with Cold Fusion and 
tried, Xitami (imatix.com), Omnihttpd, and Apache..

All these servers ran well with no problems. Xitami is slow, Apache is much 
better but I don't care much for non gui stuff, and Omnihttpd is the fastest

in my opinion.

However, I'm only using this software on a home computer, Gateway 1.5 MHZ 
with 512 MB ram. I am now using apache again on WINXP PRO and all has been 
well for now.

Personally, I like IIS although it does get slow on smaller servers with 
alot of traffic. ASP and the likes slow it down to much for me but other 
than that, there is alot of documentation for seting it up to run various 
programs such as Cold Fusion, Lasso, Php ect.

I know this isn't much help. It's just my thoughts on what I've went through

recently and just my general thoughts on the server. Remember, Apache on 
WIN2K or any windows machine isn't nearly as fast as on linux.


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