I recommend http://smarty.php.net for seperating presentation from logic.
It's one of the best template systems currently.  It worked out of the box
for me but it took me like the long weekend to figure out some of the config
folders.  It does your standard variable substitution {$bgcolor} but what I
like about it is that it lets you code your own custom tags for your
designers like {display_calender} so it hides all the php code for
displaying a calender or something.  Your designer just types in
{display_calender} in the html files and it comes out a calender everytime.

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Subject: [PHP] Seperating presentation from logic

I'm just about to start a large PHP project in which I get to work with
professional designers/layout people. I want to separate all the
programming logic from the presentation but I am not sure how to do this.

Can anyone point me to resources (web tutorials/articles or books) that
would help me figure out how best to separate my programming work from
designer's work and how best to integrate them?

Sorry for asking such a generic question but I don't know how to best
phrase it. I did look on the web but the best I could find were some
mentions of templates. While templates seems ok they don't address all
the issues of separation presentation from code (if I understand them



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