Yes, it actually would've been should the person who started the thread 
answered (instead of a wise-guy saying "That's very helpful" - in this 
case, no, it didn't prove to be). That's because that way we would've 
found out what exactly he needed ("Of course the change can be only 
across a part of an image."). Or maybe he needs some strange gradients. 
However, when someone says "Does anybody have an idea where could I find 
a code library or code snippet to create gradients to images with PHP 
and GD?" I personally understand a rectange filled with a horizontal or 
vertical gradient. And that seems pretty straightforward to me.

Anyway, thank you for your input on this thread. THAT was really helpful.


Joshua Alexander wrote:

> That's very helpful.
>> I think it's pretty straightforward, why don't you write one?

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